7 iPhone Applications for Home Automation and Control

SpeakerCraft, Crestron, Savant among companies with iPhone support.

Remember the iPod invasion? Now that it’s faster and runs applications, welcome to the iPhone invasion.

Apple’s iPhone, originally launched in 2007 with a second-gen model released in July, will increasingly be integrated into your clients’ home control and automation systems, thanks to its feature-set and wireless capabilities.

Many companies offered iPhone interfaces for applications (basically Web sites that the phone could log on to and interact with), but with the launch of the Application Store, the iPhone has turned into a wireless platform host to a number of control options.

While third-party developers are getting in on the act, a number of custom big-wigs have already announced iPhone support.

So when your clients begin asking you for integration with their new iPhones, will you be able to comply?

We sure hope so. We’ve rounded up some of the first iPhone applications and interfaces available.

Click here to view the 7 iPhone applications and interfaces for custom installation systems.

Source: CE Pro

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