The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for Android

Android Market The Android platform is rapidly gaining momentum. Alas, in the area of home automation software, Android Market is way behind the Apple’s AppStore (see The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone).

Nonetheless, the apps start to pop up here and there and I assume that as more big(ger) screen devices (like Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak) hit the market the apps will follow. The Droid-world is wide open and there’s more than one store which, of course, could make it even harder to find the right software for your home automation set-up. But that’s what we are here for, right?

I’ll try to collect and to some extend systematize the available apps. For now, here’s the few I could find…

  1. DroidSeer X10 Home Automation (UK£7.50) by SPVSOFT
    A remote control for the popular HomeSeer software to control X10 compatible lights and devices. Requires HomeSeer v2.
  2. Lightswitch ($10) by Melloware
    The client for Lightswitch-enabled servers (such as Homeplanner, JB Lightmanager Pro or Zwave Commander).
  3. HCA: Home Control Assistant (Free) by Advanced Quonset Technology
    The client for HCA Server. Using HCA you can control, program, and schedule lights and appliances using X10, UPB, Insteon, as well as wireless and IR.
  4. Home Buddy (Free) by Rakstar Somar
    Controls Z-Wave devices. Requires Vera Z-Wave Controller from MiCasaVerde. An quite interesting feature of this app allows to create shortcuts to certain actions (like to turn light On/Off) right on the home screen.
  5. wdISY (Free) by 222 Designs
    Controls INSTEON scenes and devices. Requires ISY99i controller from Universal Devices. Supports remote SSL connections and local HTTP.
  6. IPSdroid (Free) by Sascha Schmidt
    A gateway to IP-Symcon software.
  7. ElkDroid Security & Automation ($99) by Williams Automation
    ElkDroid provides an easy and secure way to remotely operate and monitor Elk M1G or EZ8 system state, lighting, tasks and zones. The neat feature of this app is that it has voice recognition.
  8. HomeControl (Free) by Peter Silverlycke
    HomeControl works with a Dovado UMR router together with a Tellstick or a Girder 3 server to control lighting.
  9. SnapLink (?) by HAI
    This software is in the works.
  10. Crestron R2 (~$100) by Crestron
    Crestron has announced at CEDIA 2010 that it is also working on an Android version of their control application.
  11. Home Watcher (?) by Samsung
    At IFA 2010 Samsung demoed a Galaxy Tab with “live widget-based control over your home’s HVAC, TV (including remote viewing), stove, oven, dryer, vacuum robot, and refrigerator with integrated grocery manager that suggests recipes based upon the food you have.”  Wow!
  12. AutoHTN Vera Beta (Free) by Home Theater Network
    AutoHTN Vera works with inexpensive Mi Casa Verde’s Vera controller. Vera works with multiple home automation devices including Z-Wave, Insteon, and X10.
  13. TouchSwitch ($10) by burak
    Installs directly on ISY99i home automation controller with Networking module (purchased separately, discount available) and works on Android 2.0+, iPhone, iPad and IE/Firefox/Safari browsers on the desktop. Controls INSTEON devices, scenes, programs and Network Resources (IP cameras, IP-to-RS232 gateways, etc.).
  14. Conductor for Android (Free) by Conductor Automation
    A very nice and clean UI for ISY99i home automation controller. Supports INSTEON Lights/Appliances, Scenes, Programs and WeatherBug weather module if installed on your ISY (purchased separately).

There are a few other apps that are in active development. But, as of this writing, they are not yet available for download.

Did I miss any cool apps? Please let me know in the comments below.

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