Deal alert: Christmas in July

JLTSoft is running an Off Season Sale on their LightShowMaster software, which you can buy directly from JLTSoft right now for only $59.99 (regular $99.98)! Don’t wait till July though, ’cause this deal won’t last long.

LightShowMaster is a software product that allows you to use your PowerLinc Modem Serial interface to control your Insteon-compatible devices to create exciting animated lighting displays synchronized to music. Take control of your holiday lights, flood lights, rope lights, etc. and impress your neighbors with your very own animated light show!

LightShowMaster (click to enlarge)
LightShowMaster (click to enlarge)

Featuring a visual sequence editor, LightShowMaster makes creating new lighting sequences fast and easy! Command your lights to turn on/off or fade up/down using one of the 20 different fade speeds. Now that Light Show Master 2.0 supports the PowerLincModem (PLM), you can send up to 20 commands per second in your sequences! Create multiple sequences and have LSM run them together in any order to create a complete lighting show. Light Show Master 2.0 now gives you the flexibility to create the show schedule that fits your needs. Now you can schedule the date and time for any show event, and you can have multiple shows in a single day. You can also schedule your show to run minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years at a time! And there is no limit to how many show events you can schedule! A new feature in Light Show Master 2.0 allows you specify an Insteon trigger device that will trigger your show to automatically start playing. Now you can trigger your shows to start up automatically when triggered by the Insteon motion detector! Many audio formats are supported, including MP3, WMV, WAV, MIDI, and any other format supported by Windows Media Player.

Image credit: JLTSoft

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