Turn Your Nokia N800 or N810 Into an INSTEON Controller

December 9, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

If you already have (or planning to buy) ISY-99i Home Automation Controller with PLM ($339), then interfaceGO Software ($119.95) will convert your Nokia N800 or N810 touch panel remote control into a “thumb-friendly, wireless, customizable, versatile”, in other words, very sexy INSTEON Home Automation Controller. “The interfaceGO interface allows you to create your own hierarchy of folders and controls. You create the layout and choose which buttons you want and where. Create a custom layout to match the touch panel’s location, or your own personal preference. The graphical user interface (GUI) is designed for easy control without a pen. On-screen buttons are […]

The world of changes

December 4, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 0

What’s going on with this world? Many companies these days are moving away from their decade-honed niche markets, or acquire other companies that have nothing to do with their direct line of business or (unfortunately) close their stores and/or businesses altogether. I can understand Apple (a computer manufacturer) making its way into mobile phones business. These days cell phones are no longer just phones, they are micro computers with features that many computers of yesterday would envy. But Nokia (a #1 cell phone/equipment manufacturer in the world) going into Home Automation business? Well, according to recently opened website Nokia is inviting 3-rd party developers to join its Home […]