The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone, Part 3

Last Updated: December 21, 2009

UPDATE: This list has moved to a new place, please go there for the most up-to-date information.

This is Part 3 of The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone.

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  1. Rako (Free) by Rako Controls Limited
    Controls any Rako control system including lighting, curtains/blinds, audio. Requires Ethernet gateway to be setup by CE Pro.
  2. iNeocontrol (Free) by Neocontrol
    Provides complete control over Neocontrol Module systems.
  3. HSTouch (Free) by HomeSeer
    Provides a fully customizable interface for a HomeSeer-based home automation system. Supports Z-Wave, UPB, INSTEON, X10 and more.
  4. HomeWatch ($12) by SunshineApps GmbH
    Allows you to monitor your home via installed Axis IP-cameras, X10 modules for lighting and appliance control and iobridge modules for the temperature reading.
  5. B&B Home Client (Free) by Bits & Bytes
    Connects via secure line to B&B home automation server to monitor or control any device in your home.
  6. iRidium Mobile ($700) by iRidium mobile
    Supports wide range of control devices with AMX, AXICO, ModBUS, KNX, X10 controllers. Runs on iPhone, iPod touch, Win XP and Windows Mobile.
  7. Vantage Remote ($90/$450) by NVS
    Remote control for Vantage Infusion System.
  8. Sensio ($90) by Sensio AS
    Control your AHC controller with iPhone.
  9. ayControl ($16) by easyMOBIZ mobile IT solutions GmbH
    Remote control for EIB/NKX IP standards.
  10. eve Remote Control (Free) by ilevia
    An innovative building automation system able to communicate with all electrical equipments of most important manufacturers.
  11. CARDIO Control ($220) by Imaxis AG
    Control your Cardio home automation system from iPhone. Requires additional interface between Cardio system and IP network.
  12. CQC Client ($20) by Mountford Line
    Turns your iPhone into a remote control for the Charmed Quark Controller using CQ’s RIVA protocol.
  13. OpenRemote Console (FREE) by OpenRemote, Inc.
    This app will allow OpenRemote users to send commands to OpenRemote Boss Controller over WiFi connection. The UI can be customized for each installation with online tools.
  14. eKeypad ISY ($45) by Jason Callaway
    Full control of your ISY-99 or ISY-99Pro controller-based INSTEON automation system.
  15. SmartHome ($40) by Home Automation Middle East, LLC
    Remote control for Vantage Infusion System.
  16. iHome ($5) by Kevin Smith
    Remote control for PowerHome software-based X10, INSTEON or UPB automation systems.
  17. Remote Power Switch for wireless home automation ($3) by HMB-TEC
    Allows to control any electric device connected to a wireless power plug. Requires a wireless power plug and a 433Mhz transmitter that connects to headphones output on iPhone (sold separately).
  18. Carrot Home (Free) by Cypress Systems Ltd.
    Controls lighting, HVAC, curtains, etc, in Carrot Home System-based automation set-up.
  19. Wiser (Free) by Schneider Electric
    Controls the wide range of home automation equipment in Wiser Home Control System.
  20. PixieLinc ($5) by
    Controls X10 power-line devices through SmartLinc automation controller by sending direct commands on HTTP layer.
  21. AMlinX Full ($20) by Jonathan Raspaut
    Allows you to directly control your AMX System (Netlinx).
  22. L|W Premier (Free) by Exceptional Innovation, LLC
    Control your Life|ware (Windows Media Center-based) whole-home automation and entertainment platform from an iPhone.
  23. DDigital ($200) by D Digital, Inc.
    Controls a range of home automation products through Global Cache’s GC-100/12 network adapter (sold separately). Integrates with Lutron RadioRA for lighting control.

If you know of an application or product that’s not on this list, but you think it should be, I would appreciate it if you let me know in the comments below. Thank you.

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  1. iRule ( adds flexibility in control. the latest version includes 2 way communication. Android version now available as well.

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