The future of automated living

There were quite a few visions of the household of the future if we turn to the Hollywood flicks. Take for example The 5th Element or Minority Report or, well.. The Jetsons.

Here’s how Microsoft et al. envision our homes in the not-so-distant future.

Future Vision Montage
Future Vision Montage

P.S. I especially liked the e-newspaper. Could that be Amazon Kindle 10?

What I didn’t like is that for some reason they still have to point remotes to an object you want to control.  Will infrared still be the king in the era of global Wi-Fi and WiMax? Sounds (and looks) silly, especially since even today we have a whole bunch of wireless protocols that could be used for that purpose (Bluetooth, Z-Wave, WiFi/Bonjour, Zigbee, Wireless USB).

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