The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone

Last Updated: September 23, 2012

Would you please raise your hand if you think that iPhone/iPod Touch is an ideal platform for remote control of any kind. Yes, I thought so too. It’s portable, fits well in your hand, has crisp and bright display, has multitude of communication methods and last but not least — it’s always by your side.

And it seems that industry gets it too. Apple’s AppStore and CE trade shows are getting flooded with all kinds of software that might be used to simplify and unify control of all your home systems including lighting, media, temperature control, security, video surveillance, etc. Some applications use native iPhone SDK and some provide web-based approach. Here you will find the most comprehensive list of iPhone/iPod Touch software for home automation and related areas.

Note: This post is a work in progress, and it will be updated as new software titles are being released or discovered, so swing by often. To make it easier for you here’s the short link to this post (as in iPhone Home Automation Software).

Most application links below lead directly to the product page in iTunes store, so you should have iTunes installed on your system to open the link. If you do not have iTunes yet, a link to free iTunes download will open instead.

  1. ILoveControl ($3 Lite/$30) by Exceptional Home Automation International, Inc.
    Supports Crestron/AMX systems with up to 16 zones of A/V, lighting and more.
  2. iMyHome (Free/$38) by UpToWeb
    Controls OpenWebNetprotocol-based BTicino systems.
  3. CF iViewer (Free) by CommandFusion
    Controls most systems that support TCP/IP communications (Crestron/AMX/Control4/Global Cache).
  4. ROSIE Home Automation ($50) by Savant Systems, LLC
    Controls Savant‘s ROSIE systems.
  5. H@me (Free) by Daniel Cunningham
    Controls HAI‘s Omni and Lumina systems.
  6. Insteon Tracker (Free) by Kerock Software
    Doesn’t control anything, but allows you to catalog all X10/Insteon devices.
  7. Luminair ($99) by Synthe FX, LLC
    Not really a home automation software, unless you have a disco room with Art-Net compatible DMX lighting.
  8. iDoControl ($12) by iDo Technology, Inc.
    Controls iDo Automation-based residential and commercial building automation systems.
  9. eKeypad/Plus ($10/$45) by Jayson Callaway
    Mobile keypad that (dis)arms Elk M1 Gold security and home automation system.
  10. iRa Pro ($900) by Lextech Labs, LLC
    Controls IP-based surveillance equipment, such as AXIS, Pelco D, etc.
  11. Remote (Free) by Apple
    Remote control for iTunes application and AirTunes speakers.
  12. Intelliremote (Free/$24) by Melloware, Inc.
    Remote control for media applications on a PC. The iPhone client software is free, but it requires a server software ($24) on a PC to operate.
  13. iVisu (Free) by Pearworks
    Controls V8TechMMCore-based home automation systems.
  14. Roku Remote ($3) by Christopher Stylianou
    Remote control for Roku Soundbridge devices.
  15. X10 Commander ($10) by Melloware, Inc.
    Controls X10 devices through Firecracker module (CM11, CM12, CM15, CM17, CM 19) connected to a PC.
  16. EventGhost ($10) by Melloware, Inc.
    It appears to be the Intelliremote (see #12 above) inside out – the client software is $10 and the server part is free open source EventGhost automation software.
  17. iZone ($15) by Carnatic
    Controls Sonos multi-zone music system.
  18. Sonos Controller (Free) by Sonos, Inc
    The native Sonos controller from manufacturer of Sonos systems.
  19. ZoneMaster (Free/$20) by Andrew Wick
    Another Sonos remote. The Free version allows to add only one item to the queue per session.
  20. Zones ($15) by Kupuk
    Yet another Sonos remote software. Uses UPnP protocol to browse and play your music collection.
  21. iAmpRemote ($5) by
    Remote control for WinAmp software on PC.
  22. Go Gadgets (not released yet)
    Allows to use the iPhone as Windows Vista SideShow device.
  23. SmartLinc ($120)
    An Insteon-based controller with iPhone’s web interface.
  24. SpeakerCraft MODE ($1000)
    The web-based interface to MODE multi-room A/V system through SpeakerCraft’s ERS 1.0 Ethernet-to-serial adapter [PDF].
  25. HAI WL3 (price unknown)
    An add-on for Windows servers that enables control of HAI Home Control Systems from any web-enabled device. The WL3 works with the iPhone 2.0, iPod Touch and any Blackberry, Smartphone, PDA or computer.
  26. AirRemote ($100)
    The heart of the system is a low-cost ($120-$150) communications box from Global Cache, which takes IP commands from the iPhone and converts them to infrared, serial or contact-closure for controlling everything from a home theater system to lighting controls to motorized blinds.
  27. Control4 My House (Free) by Control UI, LLC
    Using Control4’s home automation system, My House UI enable users to control lighting, thermostats, security systems, audio and video from their handheld devices.
  28. Lifeware for iPhone (Free) by Exceptional Innovation, LLC
    An interface to Lifeware’s Microsoft Media Center-based whole-home automation and entertainment platform.
  29. HM Control (Free) by Homemanageables, Inc.
    Enables remote monitoring of lighting, temperatures, window shades, thermostats and more for Z-Wave-based Homemanageables systems.
  30. Convergent Living (price unknown)
    Provides access to Convergent Living‘s Companion SideKick controller or NEO8, NEO10 or NEO15 smart screens.
  31. Crestron Control App for iPhone (Free)
    Supports SystemBuilder, VT Pro-e and SIMPL and is treated like any other touchpanel in the system.
  32. Qsonix (Free)
    Web-based interface [PDF] to control Qsonix digital music management systems.
  33. Simplify Media ($4)
    Lets you listen to your music collection from your home computer on your iPhone / iPod Touch.
  34. OrbLive (Free/$10)
    Turns your iPhone into a multimedia receiver. Requires installation of Orb software (Free) on your home PC. Lets you stream music, video and even live TV to iPhone over WiFi and 3G. The free version proposes 3 random pieces of media in each category.
  35. HomeWorks Light Control (Free) by Lutron Electronics Co, Inc
    Controls Lutron’s HomeWorks Lighting System.
  36. Girder ($50) by Promixis, LLC
    PC application, has web interface for controlling X10/Insteon-based home automation systems, also controls any home theater device through IR.
  37. iPhone Home Controller (Free)
    PHP/Apache/MySQL-based SDK for controlling X10 devices using Activehome Professional (CM15a) interface.
  38. DVDLobby ($60-$226)
    Comes with support for iPhone/iPod Touch web browser access to DVDLobby 3.75 managed movies.
  39. CasaRemote ($20)
    Controls different IP-enabled devices through downloadable templates. Supports cameras, outlets, switches, etc. Also supports macro commands and IR commands (via IP-IR proxy).
  40. Apex Connect (Free)
    Controls all sorts of A/V equipment and INSTEON or Z-Wave devices. Requires Apex ConnectHome controller and INSTEON power line modem (2412S).
  41. HW Remote ($38) by TInSys SPRL
    Controls Lutron HomeWorks installations.
  42. ReQuest (Free)
    Controls ReQuest media servers. With multiple audio outputs from a single ReQuest server, the application allows family members to listen to different songs and playlists in different rooms of the house simultaneously.
  43. PlugPlayer ($5)
    Streams music and video from UPnP Media Servers to iPhone. Also allows to control other UPnP Media Renderers from within PlugPlayer.
  44. iMediaSuite ($6)
    Plays contents from UPnP and DLNA servers.
  45. iPeng ($10)
    Remote control software for Logitech® Squeezebox™/Transporter® players and SqueezeCenter server.
  46. SongBook ($85)
    Lets you control your Linn Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS or Sneaky Music DS or Twonky MediaServer. Uses UPnP protocol.
  47. Sooloos Ensemble (~$3500)
    Provides Web-based access for iPhone to playback controls of Sooloos Ensemble audio server [PDF, PDF].
  48. Xtenscape (Free) by Scott Hather
    Controls any X10 devices. Requires CM11/CM12 module connected to a PC or Mac and companion software running on the computer.
  49. Rimote (Free) by Unique Automation
    Uses WiFi capabilities of iPhone to control bathovision™ TVs, designed for use in bathrooms where high humidity/steam or water exists.
  50. Total Control: Z-Wave Automation Edition ($60) by Intelligent Designs Group, LLC
    Allows for controlling and status updates of Z-Wave modules
  51. ZWave Commander ($10) by Melloware
    Controls Z-Wave modules. Requires ControlThink USB ThinkStick device connected to PC or Mac and companion server software running on the computer.
  52. ngRC (Free)
    Next generation Remote Control (ngRC) is an open source WiFi remote control for Windows Media Center. Works with iPhone through Safari browser.
  53. X10 Home Control ($10)
    An iPhone “front end” to the popular “heyu” Linux home control program. Requires a computer running Linux server, heyu software, Apache web server and PHP.
  54. Indigo Touch (Free) by Perceptive Automation, LLC
    Remotely control INSTEON and X10 hardware (lighting, thermostat, sprinklers, etc). Requires Mac with OS X running Indigo Home Control software.
  55. iHome Remote ($9) by TLA Investments, LLC
    Yet another iPhone front-end for Indigo software running on your Mac.
  56. Roxio Streamer (Free) by Roxio/Sonic Solutions
    Streams your TiVo and EyeTV recorded shows to you iPhone. Requires Toast 10 Titanium software running on Mac.
  57. HomeLogic Mobile Control (Free) by HomeLogic LLC
    The complete home automation UI for HomeLogic’s OneHome systems.
  58. Schlage LiNK (Free) by Crayon Interface
    Allows you remotely monitor and grant entry to doors equipped with Schlage LiNK locks. Supports Z-Wave devices and web cameras for automation.
  59. Coniglio ($2) by Giacomo Tufano
    I really don’t know if a rabbit Nabaztag could be considered as home automation appliance, but since it can provide you with updates on the weather and news,  wake you up in the morning, play you music and read websites and lots lots more, probably it is. This application allows you to send messages to your bunny, awake him and send him to sleep, or make him tune to an Internet radio.
  60. Illuminate ($40) by Do Not Drop My Phone
    Controls Lutron’s HomeWorks lighting systems.
  61. iLinc MobiLinc Insteon/X10 Controller (Free/$20) by Option B
    Controlls Insteon or X10-based lights and devices. Requires PowerLinc controller and Insteon SDM software running on PC. The Lite version supports only one device and one scene, the Pro supports up to 60.
  62. My Bunny (Free) by Scott Hather
    See App #59 (Coniglio) above for feature, plus it can control both bunny ears.
  63. DVR Remote (Free/$3) by Stutsman Software
    Remotely manages your TiVo Series 3 DVR over local WiFi connection.
  64. DVR Shows ($1) by Rick Maddy
    Allows you to see what programs are currently stored on your TiVo DVR.
  65. i.TV (Free) by i.TV, LLC
    Aside from providing the best-looking TV listings on the iPhone, i.TV allows to schedule recordings on TiVo DVRs and manage your Netflix queue.
  66. MyDVR (Free) by Vakoc Woodworks, LLC
    Remotely manages your TiVo Series 3 DVR over local WiFi connection.
  67. RemoteT ($1) by Doug Turner
    Remotely controls TiVo HD, TiVo HD XL, or TiVo Series 3 DVRs over local WiFi network.
  68. IP Thermostat Controller ($20) by Our Home Spaces
    Directly controls up to 6 ProliphixIP-based thermostats.
  69. TCP/IP Remote ($5) by Michael Zinman
    Controls any hardware capable of TCP/IP and/or UDP communication. Works with Crestron, Control4, AMX, GlobalCache, and more.
  70. Crestron Mobile (Free) by Crestron Electronics, Inc.
    Controls Crestron home control system including lighting, climate and security. Requires control module to be uploaded to control system by an authorized dealer.
  71. iSGUI home automation (Free) by TELETASK home automation.
    Controls TELETASK home automation system, including cameras, access control, security, etc. TELETASK is a Belgium-based company with IKEAish named products.
  72. ip Camera Controller ($20) by Our Home spaces
    Provides an easy to use interface to multiple Axis IP-based PTZ cameras.
  73. VUDU iRemote ($3) by Complete Remote, LLC
    A remote control for VUDU Box XL or, VUDU Box  XL2 home theater PCs.
  74. DIRECTV (Free) by DIRECTV, Inc.
    Search for shows, view show info and  set you DVR from iPhone or iPod Touch.
  75. iKNX (Free/$12) by Jorg Falkenberg
    Monitors and controls EIB/KNX installation. The Lite version supports only one building and a maximum of 5 objects.
  76. iNavNet ($100) by NavNet
    One-touch access to lights, climate, security, home theater, etc., controlled by NavNet solution.
  77. Rheostat (Free) by Handheld Speech
    Allows to set Roving Networks’ Wi-Fi and bluetooth enabled thermostats to desired temperature and mode.
  78. Puppeteer ($2) by Kyle Davis
    Paired with HouseBot server software running on Windows system allows to control a wide range of automation devices.
  79. Simplify Music 2 ($3 – introductory price) by Simplify Media
    An updated version of #33 which adds Search, Favorites, Playlist creation on-the-fly, Seek in streamed podcasts.
  80. iLux ($85) by Unique Automation
    Uses Wi-Fi to control lighting and shades in RAKO systems.
  81. i-c-LiveCams ($2) by Barry Egerter
    View live streaming video from IP/PTZ Webcams from around the world or add your own.
  82. Total Control: Singlecam Edition ($60) by Intelligent Designs Group, LLC
    Stream a single IP camera to iPhone/iTouch. Flick to pan the image.
  83. RedEye ($120) by ThinkFlood
    It’s a piece of hardware paired with free iPhone application to control your IR devices such as TV, receiver, DVD player, etc.
  84. MiCasa (Free/$30) by Widgetal Media Corp
    Controls most INSTEON switches, dimmers, and appliance modules. Requires SimpleHomeNet EZServe or EZBridge gateways.
  85. Bathomatic (Free) by Unique Automation
    Controls bathomatic® automated bath management system via WiFi.
  86. Zemote ($4by Zigzix
    Zemote turns iPhone into wireless keyboard, touch pad and remote controller for Media Center/HTPC.
  87. iSmartHouse (Free) by INTELVISION
    Controls lighting, HVAC, security, etc, through INTELVISION SmartUnity automation system.
  88. iShower ($4) by Unique Automation
    Uses WiFi to control all functions of Adelina shower systems and give real time feedback of the water temperature at each outlet as well as the temperature within the shower enclosure.
  89. Q Devices (Free) by Unique Automation
    Utility which scans local network for Unique Automation devices and displays a list of devices with the type, MAC address, IP and firmware version for each found device.
  90. iMasterControl Lite/Pro ($10/$150) by iMasterControl
    Turns iPhone into a fully-functional universal remote control, allowing to control AV gear, lighting, shades, etc., provided you have AMX or Crestron controller. Requires custom programming.
  91. Row Seven Controller (Free) by Row Seven Ltd
    Communicates via TCP/IP with control systems for AV, lightting, etc. control. Requires a Row Seven programmed third party controller.
  92. e-Home CONTROLS ($17) by e-Home AUTOMATION
    An iPhone front-end for company’s automation software, compatible with leading automation hardware, including X10, Rako, C-Bus and KNX/EIB.
  93. Multidomo (Free) by Multidomo Networks
    A software solution for controlling remotely homes and small business. Supports X10 and KNX protocols, USB and IP cameras with MJPEG/JPG formats. Requires license for server-side software.
  94. iMasterControl Lite/Pro ($11/$150) by iMasterControl
    Turns iPhone into a fully-functional universal remote control. Supports AMX and Crestron. Requires a base station that translates IP to IR commands.
  95. iLinX ($150) by Micropraxis Ltd.
    Supports all DigiLinX supported lighting systems, HVAC, cameras, music servers (ReQuest, Imerge, Escient, Naim, SMM), security.
  96. DOMIQ/Remote (Free) by DOMIQ Sp. z o.o.
    Requires DOMIQ/Base module for connection to LCN (Local Control Network) installation. Controls lights/devices, cameras, HVAC (displays temperature history).
  97. TouchSoft Automation – Cbus CNI ver. ($80) by TouchSoft Pty Ltd.
    Controls Clipsal C-Bus networked lights/devices.
  98. Remote for Bye Bye Standby® ($5) by North West Code
    Controls devices connected to Bye Bye Standby sockets, via Bye Bye Standby Online Controler (ver.2)
  99. Opus Touch (Free) by Audio Partnership
    Enables control of the Opus systems including AppleTV, media servers, lighting, HVAC and CCTV. Requires OPUS ICU600 WiFi to Serial adaptor.
  100. Cortexa (Free) by Cortexa systems LLC
    Supports lighting, security, HVAC, events, cameras. Requires Cortexa Intelligent Home Management System Ver.5. A wide range of sybsystems and protocols is supported including Insteon, UPB, C-Box, Radio RA, NuVo, most IP Cameras with MJPEG output.
  101. Rako (Free) by Rako Controls Limited
    Controls any Rako control system including lighting, curtains/blinds, audio. Requires Ethernet gateway to be setup by CE Pro.
  102. iNeocontrol (Free) by Neocontrol
    Provides complete control over Neocontrol Module systems.
  103. HSTouch (Free) by HomeSeer
    Provides a fully customizable interface for a HomeSeer-based home automation system. Supports Z-Wave, UPB, INSTEON, X10 and more.
  104. HomeWatch ($12) by SunshineApps GmbH
    Allows you to monitor your home via installed Axis IP-cameras, X10 modules for lighting and appliance control and iobridge modules for the temperature reading.
  105. B&B Home Client (Free) by Bits & Bytes
    Connects via secure line to B&B home automation server to monitor or control any device in your home.
  106. iRidium (Free) by iRidium Mobile
    Supports wide range of control devices with AMX, AXICO, ModBUS, KNX, X10 controllers. Runs on iPhone, iPod touch, Win XP and Windows Mobile.
  107. Vantage Remote ($90/$450) by NVS
    Remote control for Vantage Infusion System.
  108. Sensio ($90) by Sensio AS
    Control your AHC controller with iPhone.
  109. ayControl ($16) by easyMOBIZ mobile IT solutions GmbH
    Remote control for EIB/NKX IP standards.
  110. eve Remote Control (Free) by ilevia
    An innovative building automation system able to communicate with all electrical equipments of most important manufacturers.
  111. CARDIO Control ($220) by Imaxis AG
    Control your Cardio home automation system from iPhone. Requires additional interface between Cardio system and IP network.
  112. CQC Client ($20) by Mountford Line
    Turns your iPhone into a remote control for the Charmed Quark Controller using CQ’s RIVA protocol.
  113. OpenRemote Console (FREE) by OpenRemote, Inc.
    This app will allow OpenRemote users to send commands to OpenRemote Boss Controller over WiFi connection. The UI can be customized for each installation with online tools.
  114. eKeypad ISY ($45) by Jason Callaway
    Full control of your ISY-99 or ISY-99Pro controller-based INSTEON automation system.
  115. SmartHome QLink ($40) by Home Automation Middle East, LLC
    Remote control for Vantage Infusion System.
  116. iHome ($5) by Kevin Smith
    Remote control for PowerHome software-based X10, INSTEON or UPB automation systems.
  117. Remote Power Switch for wireless home automation ($3) by HMB-TEC
    Allows to control any electric device connected to a wireless power plug. Requires a wireless power plug and a 433Mhz transmitter that connects to headphones output on iPhone (sold separately).
  118. Carrot Home (Free) by Cypress Systems Ltd.
    Controls lighting, HVAC, curtains, etc, in Carrot Home System-based automation set-up.
  119. Wiser (Free) by Schneider Electric
    Controls the wide range of home automation equipment in Wiser Home Control System.
  120. PixieLinc ($5) by
    Controls X10 power-line devices through SmartLinc automation controller by sending direct commands on HTTP layer.
  121. AMlinX Full ($20) by Jonathan Raspaut
    Allows you to directly control your AMX System (Netlinx).
  122. L|W Premier (Free) by Exceptional Innovation, LLC
    Control your Life|ware (Windows Media Center-based) whole-home automation and entertainment platform from an iPhone.
  123. DDigital ($200) by D Digital, Inc.
    Controls a range of home automation products through Global Cache’s GC-100/12 network adapter (sold separately). Integrates with Lutron RadioRA for lighting control.
  124. CozyHome ($100) by Circuit
    Control/monitor Lighting, Motor, HVAC, Audio/Video, Security, and Access Control Systems. Requires pre-programmed automation controller from AMX.
  125. Cube Control System for Mobile (Free) by Frostdale
    If you are Frostdale Home network device user, you can easily access the units through Cube Mobile on iPhone to control the units and monitor remotely as well as viewing the logs to see how the light fixtures and security devices are operated.
  126. BeoLink (Free) by Bang & Olufsen A/S
    Using Wi-Fi , BeoLink for iPhone controls Bang & Olufsen products and other home automation devices in your home, via the Master Link Gateway.
  127. Xabler Control ($20) by Xabler
    Control lighting, audio video, security, thermostats, etc. from anywhere in the world. Requires the Xabler Server.
  128. SQ Remote (Free) by Square Connect, Inc.
    SQ Remote is the ultimate remote control for A/V and home automation.
    Works with the free MiOS/Vera PC/Mac software and dedicated MiOS/Vera systems. Upgrade to full feature through an in-app purchase. MiOS is also compatible with many Camera’s, IP based devices and X-10/Insteon-based equipment.
  129. iAlert Me ($7) by Matthew Winterbottom
    This is the first native iPhone app that allows to control your Alert Me Hub. It can control alarm system and smart plugs, monitor  electricity usage and check the status of Alert Me hub.
  130. ACERCA RC ($6/$120) by AcerCA Comunicaciones y sistemas S.L.
    Remote control of intelligent homes and offices, surveillance cameras and personal weather stations. RC lite version only can control the first zone and the first device in home automation.
  131. ControlFX (Free) by GuiLink Pty. Ltd.
    Allows complete control over your AV, lighting, heating and security systems that are either Infra-Red, RS232 or Ethernet controlled devices.
  132. TPControl (Free) by Touch Panel Control Ltd.
    Looking, feeling and working just like an AMX Touch Panel.
  133. Mote ($10) by Worried Cat LLC
    Use your iPhone to control any device which communicates via TCP, UDP, HTTP, or HTTPS. Mote is programmable directly on iPhone/iPod, allowing to design multiple panels of buttons, with sequences of commands assigned to each button.
  134. iDomboxLite (Free) by Dombox
    Control your home automation system via WiFi or 3G. Requires Dombox installation in your house, which is compatible with inOne by Legrand.
  135. iDomintell (Free/$65) by Pablo Pinon
    Securely controls Domintell installation via WiFi or 3G. Requires Domintell DETH02 or DETH07 module.
  136. DomintellRemote ($100) by TinSys
    Controls Domintell installation. On-device programmable (you can add controls right on iPhone’s screen).
  137. HomeGuru ($17) by Zenwheel
    Automatically imports configuration of scenes and devices from SmartLinc and ISY99i controllers. Works with  all types of INSTEON devices, including thermostats, lights, appliances, etc. Supports iPad and retina display on iPhone 4.
  138. Loxone (Free) by Loxone
    With this app you can control your Loxone home automation using your iPhone or your iPod Touch. An iPad version is also available.


  • This is not a Top XX list, the applications are listed in no particular order.
  • The prices listed above might change over time and as much as I’d like to be accurate, they might not represent the actual value at the time you see this post. Also, the prices above are rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • This list does NOT include software for accessing media from different web services (such as YouTube). It’s only for the media and services that originate from your home.

If you know of (or use) an application that’s not on this list, but you think it should be, I would appreciate if you let me know in the comments below. Thank you.

11 Comments on The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone

    • It’s true. Some free apps available in the App Store might require you to purchase a separate licence for each device you will be running that app on. Fortunately, though this is an exception and it applies to higher end systems where the license fee will be included in the installation job. Thank you, Reader for mentioning that point.

  1. Lance, thank you so much for this informative and extensive list of apps. We just bought a house and I have been scouring the web for an inexpensive application and hardware (the gc-100 seems to fit this bill) that will turn an itouch wifi signal into an ir signal so that my home theatre can be controlled by a single app on the itouch. Ideally I would also like to be able to retrofit light switches (maybe with x10?) so that they too can be controlled with the same app. I'm assuming that I'd need a separate piece of hardware to be able to control the lights (to convert the wifi to an electrical signal?)?

    Is there an app that fits these criteria you could suggest?

    Calgary, Alberta

    P.S. was really sad to hear on your podcast that you were not going to be doing the podcast any more. Hope that some corporate bigwig steps up to give you some help!

  2. Lance, thanks for such a exhaustive and informative article! I listened to the PCMag radio podcast every week and was saddened to hear that you are going 'off air' for the time being.

    We have just bought a house and I want to build a home theatre. The room is already finished and so we are running wires as best we can back to a furnace room, where I will have my equipment stack. I want to use a itouch to control my ir components (eg. amplifier, cable box, tv, dvd player) by using a wifi to ir box (such as the gc-100). I also want to be able to control the lighting via insteon. Do any of the software programs above combine both the ability to send wifi to a wifi/ir box and send wifi to an insteon controller? In other words, what is the best software to control the home theatre components AND the lighting (without breaking the bank!)?

    • Hi Brian,

      Lance Ulanoff of has nothing to do with this particular blog, nor the domain name. My name is Ruslan and we share the same (kind of) last name and I was just lucky to grab that domain name before he did. 🙂

      Now, that we are clear on the names, let me try to answer your question.
      If you are certain on using Insteon for your lighting (and potentially curtains, HVAC and more) there are not that many options available in the AppStore for that particular technology. Depending on whether or not you plan to use PC (or Mac) as your Insteon controller or a standalone controller box such as ISY99i, your best bets would be…
      For PC-based system: Girder or HomeSeer
      For MAC-based system: Indigo Touch
      For ISY99i controller based system ($300+): MobiLinc Pro
      For HomeTroller controller based system ($999+): HomeSeer
      For a more sophisticated set-up ($1500+): Cortexa

      Ruslan Ulanov

      P.S. I was also saddened to hear that Lance goes off the air.

      • thanks for the reply! Sorry about the confusion over your secret identity 😉

        I'm not 'stuck' on using Insteon, but I understand that they have a unit that accepts wifi signals and then sends them out over the electrical system (SmartLinc – INSTEON Central Controller) – plugs into your wifi router and from there into the wall socket). I received an email from GlobalCache (I'd asked them about using the gc-100 for my system) and they responded that the following software options used 'open' systems and are compatible with the gc-100 :

        commandfusion :
        irule :
        D Digital :
        Cremote :

        Of the four above, I liked the look of the irule. All of them appear to have a fair amount of flexibility – I don't mind having to do the programming and layout if that is necessary. The gc-100 and the insteon controller combined with these seems to be a reasonably cost efficient way to go?

        I guess my question remains – will I be able to control the home theatre and the lights using one of these software with the gc-100 and an insteon controller? (here's the link to the insteon controller I am thinking of :

        Thanks in advance for any (further) guidance you can provide!


  3. Brian,

    I used to own SmartLinc since it began shipping a few years ago (and I still have it somewhere in my closet). It’s a pretty basic and easy to use controller. It allows you to control lights, etc., but it is not the best tool for extended set-ups. Smarthome sells IRLinc Transmitter (2411T) that can convert Insteon commands to IR, though I’m not sure of the degree of integration between it and the SmartLinc, which is pretty limited by itself. Controller such as ISY99i (which I currently use) allows much more flexibility and it provides a macro language that allows to script things like ‘when I press this button dim the lights and send Play command to DVD’. I’m not aware of the way to do that with SmartLinc (that was one of the reasons I switched to ISY99i).

    ISY99i can control any IP device if you acquire Networking Module for it. Global Cache devices convert IP to Infrared commands that in turn control your AV gear.

    From what I read iRule doesn’t support Insteon. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be switching between several itouch apps to get one simple task done. It would be easier to just get up and do it manually. So, in my opinion it would wiser for you to invest a bit more in a smarter controller (than 2412n).

  4. At TotalControlApp.Com we have the following apps:

    CCTV – Video Surveillance: view live video from your ip cameras, dvr, nvr, video encoder, etc. right on your mobile device.

    Z-Wave Automation – control your zwave devices from your mobile

    Remote Edition – Infrared (IR) remote control software for your mobile device.

  5. imca definitely needs to be included in the list and is probably the most capable and feature-rich of the lot – it is a new universal cross platform middleware framework with a powerful web-based GUI for enabling IP-based monitoring, control and automation of all types of environments – residential, commercial, industrial. it supports a wide range of switching and sensing units (like Aviosys units, Elk/Ness M1 series, Damocles, IRTrans infrared controllers etc) and the GUI not only adapts itself to whatever device is being used for access: PC, touch-screen, ipad, iphone, other smartphones etc, but also doesn’t require anything to be donwloaded on the access device to run

  6. We also have our app available on iTunes, DemoControlHD – you can use our free GUI designer software to create an iPad 2 home automation app that works the way you want it to – and use it to control pretty much anything – IR, RS232, contact closure etc.

    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Ipad 2

    Feel free to have a look at for more information

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