The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone, Part 2

This is Part 2 of The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone.

UPDATE: This list has moved to a new place, please go there for the most up-to-date information.

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  1. Crestron Mobile (Free) by Crestron Electronics, Inc.
    Controls Crestron home control system including lighting, climate and security. Requires control module to be uploaded to control system by an authorized dealer.
  2. iSGUI home automation (Free) by TELETASK home automation.
    Controls TELETASK home automation system, including cameras, access control, security, etc. TELETASK is a Belgium-based company with IKEAish named products.
  3. ip Camera Controller ($20) by Our Home spaces
    Provides an easy to use interface to multiple Axis IP-based PTZ cameras.
  4. VUDU iRemote ($3) by Complete Remote, LLC
    A remote control for VUDU Box XL or, VUDU Box  XL2 home theater PCs.
  5. DIRECTV (Free) by DIRECTV, Inc.
    Search for shows, view show info and  set you DVR from iPhone or iPod Touch.
  6. iKNX (Free/$12) by Jörg Falkenberg
    Monitors and controls EIB/KNX installation. The Lite version supports only one building and a maximum of 5 objects.
  7. iNavNet ($100) by NavNet
    One-touch access to lights, climate, security, home theater, etc., controlled by NavNet solution.
  8. Rheostat (Free) by Handheld Speech
    Allows to set Roving Networks’ Wi-Fi and bluetooth enabled thermostats to desired temperature and mode.
  9. Puppeteer ($2) by Kyle Davis
    Paired with HouseBot server software running on Windows system allows to control a wide range of automation devices.
  10. Simplify Music 2 ($3 – introductory price) by Simplify Media
    An updated version of #33 which adds Search, Favorites, Playlist creation on-the-fly, Seek in streamed podcasts.
  11. iLux ($85) by Unique Automation
    Uses Wi-Fi to control lighting and shades in RAKO systems.
  12. i-c-LiveCams ($2) by Barry Egerter
    View live streaming video from IP/PTZ Webcams from around the world or add your own.
  13. Total Control: Singlecam Edition ($60) by Intelligent Designs Group, LLC
    Stream a single IP camera to iPhone/iTouch. Flick to pan the image.
  14. RedEye ($120) by ThinkFlood
    It’s a piece of hardware paired with free iPhone application to control your IR devices such as TV, receiver, DVD player, etc.
  15. MiCasa (Free/$30) by Widgetal Media Corp
    Controls most INSTEON switches, dimmers, and appliance modules. Requires SimpleHomeNet EZServe or EZBridge gateways.
  16. Bathomatic (Free) by Unique Automation
    Controls bathomatic® automated bath management system via WiFi.
  17. Zemote ($4) by Zigzix
    Zemote turns iPhone into wireless keyboard, touch pad and remote controller for Media Center/HTPC.
  18. iSmartHouse (Free) by INTELVISION
    Controls lighting, HVAC, security, etc, through INTELVISION SmartUnity automation system.
  19. iShower ($4) by Unique Automation
    Uses WiFi to control all functions of Adelina shower systems and give real time feedback of the water temperature at each outlet as well as the temperature within the shower enclosure.
  20. Q Devices (Free) by Unique Automation
    Utility which scans local network for Unique Automation devices and displays a list of devices with the type, MAC address, IP and firmware version for each found device.
  21. iMasterControl Lite/Pro ($10/$150) by iMasterControl
    Turns iPhone into a fully-functional universal remote control, allowing to control AV gear, lighting, shades, etc., provided you have AMX or Crestron controller. Requires custom programming.
  22. Row Seven Controller (Free) by Row Seven Ltd
    Communicates via TCP/IP with control systems for AV, lightting, etc. control. Requires a Row Seven programmed third party controller.
  23. e-Home CONTROLS ($17) by e-Home AUTOMATION
    An iPhone front-end for company’s automation software, compatible with leading automation hardware, including X10, Rako, C-Bus and KNX/EIB.
  24. Multidomo (Free) by Multidomo Networks
    A software solution for controlling remotely homes and small business. Supports X10 and KNX protocols, USB and IP cameras with MJPEG/JPG formats. Requires license for server-side software.
  25. iMasterControl Lite/Pro ($11/$150) by iMasterControl
    Turns iPhone into a fully-functional universal remote control. Supports AMX and Crestron. Requires a base station that translates IP to IR commands.
  26. iLinX ($150) by Micropraxis Ltd.
    Supports all DigiLinX supported lighting systems, HVAC, cameras, music servers (ReQuest, Imerge, Escient, Naim, SMM), security.
  27. DOMIQ/Remote (Free) by DOMIQ Sp. z o.o.
    Requires DOMIQ/Base module for connection to LCN (Local Control Network) installation. Controls lights/devices, cameras, HVAC (displays temperature history).
  28. TouchSoft Automation – Cbus CNI ver. ($80) by TouchSoft Pty Ltd.
    Controls Clipsal C-Bus networked lights/devices.
  29. Remote for Bye Bye Standby® ($5) by North West Code
    Controls devices connected to Bye Bye Standby sockets, via Bye Bye Standby Online Controler (ver.2)
  30. Opus Touch (Free) by Audio Partnership
    Enables control of the Opus systems including AppleTV, media servers, lighting, HVAC and CCTV. Requires OPUS ICU600 WiFi to Serial adaptor.
  31. Cortexa (Free) by Cortexa systems LLC
    Supports lighting, security, HVAC, events, cameras. Requires Cortexa Intelligent Home Management System Ver.5. A wide range of sybsystems and protocols is supported including Insteon, UPB, C-Box, Radio RA, NuVo, most IP Cameras with MJPEG output.

If you know of (or use) an application that’s not on this list, but you think it should be, I would appreciate if you let me know in the comments below. Thank you.

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  1. UPDATE: The price on #81 i-c-LiveCams has dropped from $2.99 to $.99 in celebration of the app making it into Top 5. I bought this app and I'm very pleased I did! It works great with my Panasonic cameras.

    To be fair, this app is well worth its original price. But at 99 cents it's a no brainer -seize the moment, get it now!

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