Best Practices for Optimal Network Design in Smart Homes – CE Pro

April 25, 2016 Ruslan Ulanov 0

  It’s not enough to be a network technician or a control systems integrator. As technologists you need to be experts in total system design. High-tech network ecosystems must be carefully configured to not only meet customer needs, but should also be designed for scalability and optimization. This FREE webinar on Wednesday, March 9, at 2 p.m. EST, sponsored by Pakedge, will overview best practices and technical requirements for setting up home networks for smart systems. During this one-hour webinar you will learn: The key requirements when designing a smart environment What are the functional needs of the control system, […]

How to Secure Your Smart Home

March 27, 2016 Ruslan Ulanov 0

So you’ve brought the Internet of Things into your abode. Here’s how to protect your home network and the devices connected to it. As more devices and appliances with Internet capabilities enter the market, protecting those devices from hackers becomes critical. Unfortunately, many of these non-computer, non-smartphone devices — from toilets to refrigerators to alarm systems — weren’t built with security in mind. So what can someone who’s already bought one of these devices do? When it comes to the so-called Internet of Things and the connected home, it’s best to proactively secure the home network. There is no antivirus […]