NetLinc becomes smarter?

SmartLinc controller

The Smarthome team has sent its customers the following email.

Dear Loyal INSTEON® Customer,

You are receiving this message because you have:

Placed a NetLinc Pre-Order
Added NetLinc to your Wish List or,
Added NetLinc to email notification using “Notify Me”

To avoid any confusion when you receive your shipment or notification, we would like to inform you that NetLinc has been renamed from:

NetLinc – INSTEON Central Controller
SmartLinc – INSTEON Central Controller

Please be aware that this is only a name change and that part number (2412N) and product functionality remain the same.

The Smarthome Team

What should we make of it? Is NetLinc getting smarter before even being born? I don’t know, but I would personally prefer the original name. I think NetLinc reflects the purpose of the device better – it links your Home to the Network. Hey, Smarthome, how about HomeLinc? Wait, I think they already have desktop software called HouseLinc. Oh, never mind.

The NetLinc SmartLinc is a small home controller that plugs into the Ethernet port of your router. It allows mobile web-enabled devices such as iPhone or iPod Touch to remotely control INSTEON compatible devices. SmartLinc is scheduled to ship on August 28th.

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