Smarthome reveals INSTEON Energy Display

Not so long ago Smarthome had released iMeter Solo power meter – device that captures current energy consumption by one particular device (or a power strip, if you’d rather measure a few devices at once, like TV, DVD player and the like).

But until now there wasn’t an easy way to visualize that data. INSTEON Energy Display changes that with a simple, low cost, RF device you can put on your kitchen counter.

Insteon Energy Display

INSTEON Energy Display (Item# 2448A2) can display energy information from up to three iMeter Solo’s (current watts used as well as cost and energy consumption per month for each device).

Since Energy Display is an RF device running on batteries (2 AAA batteries included) it will require at least one Access Point or dual-band INSTEON device to receive the data sent by iMeter Solo’s on the power line.

The Energy Display also includes a built-in thermometer for displaying the local room temperature.

The device is expected to be in stock on 8/31/2011 and will sell for $39.99

Source: Smarthome via CocoonTech

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