Indigo 4.1.0 Home Automation Server Gets Released

indigoPerceptive Automation today announced release of the new version of company’s home automation software Indigo 4.1.0.

The new version adds support for PowerLinc Modem (2412U/2412S, aka PLM) in addition to PowerLinc Controller (2414U, aka PLC). The PLM includes the ability to use extended INSTEON commands which can be used to control advanced functionality of newer INSTEON products. The PLM syncs INSTEON links significantly faster than the PLC.

The new PRO version of the software also provides a way to create complex conditionals through embedded AppleScript.

See the long list of General Improvements after the break.

General Improvements:

  • Added support for the INSTEON In-LineLinc Relay with Sense feature.
  • Added support for INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer (new firmware version), KeypadLinc Timer, INSTEON SwitchLinc Relay (new firmware version).
  • Added support for SwitchLinc V2 Relay type ID number 537.
  • Added new Control Page option, Hide Tab Bar at bottom of Indigo Touch when shown, to the Control Page Editor dialog. This option is only functional with upcoming release of Indigo Touch v1.5.
  • Added option to send anonymous system information (ex: OS version, number of devices used) when checking for new versions.
  • Improved automatic reconnection of serial based interfaces.
  • Improved INSTEON link syncing performance.
  • Improved the NOAA Script so that when the source file stops including an expected value a better error message is displayed in the log.
  • Modified internal Web server to work better with Python 2.6 (default under OS X 10.6).
  • Rebuilt help index file to try to avoid OS X 10.6 Help Viewer crash.
  • Fixed installer issue that would cause user defined settings to the IndigoSqlClient.conf file to be overwritten.
  • Fixed UI bug that caused items whose name starts with “@” to throw an error when trying to move to another folder.
  • Fixed UI bug that prevented EZIO6I from being visible in the Actions panel.
  • Fixed UI bug that caused the Remote Display column in the Devices table to not sort correctly and throw an error when the checkbox was on.
  • Fixed UI bug that caused, under OS X 10.6, list items in the Main Window to become unselected when updated.
  • Fixed CM15 (firmware 2 only) incompatibility that caused incoming X10 RF commands to be dropped in some cases and duplicated in others.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause INSTEON links to be deleted after a sync failure.
  • Fixed bug that caused bogus error message when an already existing INSTEON link is re-added to the PowerLinc 2412U.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect HTTP authentication failure message to display after wrong password was entered.
  • Fixed bug that caused Device State Changed trigger types to not detect brightness level transitions correctly.
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused a benign timeout error to be logged when accessing an Indigo Server via an iPhone or other mobile Web browser.

Source: Perceptive Automation

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