In search of a ‘killer app’

GE SmartCommand touchscreenIt’s been over 30 years since X10 came around, and still home automation has a very hard time catching up with the rest of the technologies that invaded our homes in these past decades. According to Google Trends the popularity of “home automation” search is even dropping. Why? What’s stopping wide adoption of home automation by Joe “The Plumber” and the likes?

Some experts believe that home automation needs a “killer app” and some government encouragement. So what could be that “killer app”?

Tim Woods, a partner in the consulting firm Poco Labs and an expert in smart home technology thinks that energy efficiency might be it. Indeed, the green movement is taking the center stage in most trade shows these days. GE took first steps in that direction in March ’08 with its SmartCommand platform that “integrates existing and future home systems including audio entertainment, HVAC, lighting, security and more into an easy-to-use touchscreen”.

LY Chiu, Managing Director of Cytech Technology that a “reliable (99% error-free) voice recognition system which does not depend on a computer” might bring home automation to average home.

“The next killer app will be control of your automation system via mobile devices and set top boxes through iPhone and Windows Mobile applications” – believes Tim Ellert, Technical Director of e-Home AUTOMATION Group, Dubai.

What matters most to you, the consumer?

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Ruslan Ulanov is a software engineer by day and Smart Home hacker by night. He got fascinated by potential of home automation over a decade ago, when it was available to select few. Over the years experimented with smart products using different technologies from X10 to Insteon to ZigBee. Actively supports new smart home developments on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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