Protonet ZOE announces a list of supported devices

Z-Wave and Wi-Fi products get priority

Protonet ZOE, the first home automation product built (or rather being built) with user’s privacy in mind, just announced a list of devices that system will support right out of the box. Among those are majority of standard-compliant Z-Wave devices, such as Z-Wave plugs, switches, outlets, sensors, locks and bulbs as well as some popular Wi-Fi-based devices, such as Nest, Sonos, Wemo and Echo.

One other category of supported devices looks very promising – SMB-based storage devices. Potentially this will allow to store security camera captured images and other sensitive user data on your own home NAS instead of some third-party cloud server.

The complete list reads as follows..

–    Z-Wave plugs (directly)
–    Z-Wave switches (directly)
–    Z-Wave outlets (directly)
–    Z-Wave multi-sensors (directly)
–    Z-Wave locks e.g. Schlage/Kwikset (directly)
–    Z-Wave bulbs (directly)
–    Philips Hue (via hub)
–    NEST thermostat (via cloud)
–    Sonos (via hub)
–    Dropcam (via cloud)
–    Wemo devices (directly)
–    Netatmo (via Cloud)
–    Amazon Echo (via cloud – allowing commands to ZOE)
–    SMB-based storage devices (directly)
–    D-Link IP Camera (directly)
–    ESP8266 IP-based systems through REST (for developers)

Two of the most user-requested smart hubs got prioritized as well – Insteon/ISY hub (yeay!!!) and Homematic (which seems to be a popular choice in Germany – the home base of Protonet).

[ZOE will also] be supporting the Thread protocol to be ready for local connections to devices such as the NEST.

Some other popular devices, like Lutron, Chamberlain and Ecobee will be put on the “backorder” to make sure that ZOE ships on time to its more than 1100 backers. The Indiegogo campaign has about two weeks to go with over $303,000 already committed to the product, so you still have the chance to get “on a train” and show your support to the cause of user privacy with your wallet. Let’s do this!

Source: Indiegogo

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