CommandFusion iViewer 4 for Android Now Available


CommandFusion’s iViewer, a professional automation remote control product, is now available on the Google Play Store for use on Android devices.

Melbourne, Australia — 28th of May, 2013

Previously only available on iOS devices, the automation and control application iViewer 4 now allows integrators of automation and control systems to create their own custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs) on Android devices. These GUIs can be used to control any system that is controllable via Ethernet. Utilizing CommandFusion’s free ‘guiDesigner’ Windows program, users can create a GUI that looks and behaves the way they desire. Some uses for iViewer 4 include controlling a home entertainment system, a heating/cooling system or anything else the client can require; all from within a single app.

“The diversity of products available running the Android platform is astounding” said Jarrod Bell, Co-Founder, CommandFusion “Now our customers can use our industry leading app on a huge selection of devices, in both mobile and fixed formats”

Already successful on the Apple iOS operating system, iViewer for Android uses the same powerful CommandFusion Automation Engine. It allows the user to create powerful user interfaces with dynamic content and advanced functionality such as gestures, lists, animations, JavaScript API and much more.

Main Features

  • Create GUIs for any networked device that can be controlled – Home automation & control systems, boardrooms, lecture theatres, yachts, media centers, remote control vehicles, etc
  • Use TCP, UDP, HTTP, Bonjour discovery and any mix of these technologies to discover and control networked devices, no additional hardware required.
  • Logic scripting via powerful JavaScript API
  • Totally customize entire interface with guiDesigner software (free)
  • Create different page views for portrait and landscape modes, as well as animated page transitions
  • Cost-effective for DIY automation
  • Supports all iOS devices (iPads, iPhones, iPod touch)
  • Works with any control system, including CommandFusion’s own automation hardware lineup

iViewer for Android is available on the Google Play Store and is compatible with all iOS devices that are running an Android version of 2.3 or higher.

About CommandFusion

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005 as GuiLink then renamed CommandFusion in 2011, the company has been selling its flagship software product (CommandFusion iViewer) for iOS since 2008. Renowned for its flexibility and versatility, iViewer is now available for both iOS and Android platforms. The company has been working on the hardware product line since 2008. With a small, dynamic and driven international team coming from the automation, software and hardware fields, CommandFusion strives to offer the best support and fastest innovation turnaround in the industry.


For more information or to request a copy of iViewer for review purposes, please contact:

Aaron Green

+61 411 508 439

For more information on CommandFusion Software:

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