Deal alert: Home Control Pro price drop

vantage-remoteNVS, the maker of Home Control Pro iPhone application (formerly known as Vantage Remote Pro), slashed price for its offering from $449.99 to just $189.99 to celebrate release of version 2.0.

Home Control Pro is an iPhone and iPod Touch App designed to control your Vantage Infusion System. It automatically gathers data from Infusion Master to populate system-wide control of buttons, lights and thermostats.

What’s New in Version 2.0

Please make note of all system ip address before installing this update. You will need to reload all Vantage Systems after installing this update.

Automatically configures load types as a slider or a toggle button.

Button states now display as the LED color, supporting multi button states and colors.

Support for button Press, Hold Time, and Release.

Organizes buttons in order, under the Keypad they are associated with.

New Custom Pages, supports direct control and feedback of a Tasks VID.

Task VID’s controlled in Custom Pages can be set for a button press, press-release or press-hold-release.

Support for Vantage Systems with Multiple Masters/Controllers.

Removed 30 second auto refresh feature, added a manual refresh button. App still refreshes when an area is accessed and after a button press.

Added edit section to change ip address of a system.

Improved editing page of unwanted areas, loads, thermostats, and buttons.

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