Onzo unveils appearance of unique energy management tool

Onzo display and sensor
Onzo display and sensor

Onzo, the global designer of domestic energy management systems, today reveals the images of the hardware components of its smart energy kit; the display and sensor. These will provide consumers with an unprecedentedly wide range of compelling information to help them understand and manage their energy use. The sensor measures and stores data on household energy use, and securely transmits this wirelessly to the in-home display.

Commenting on the release of the images, Joel Hagan, Chief Executive of Onzo said: “We are delighted we can now share the appearance of our first products. Their combination of usefulness, ease of installation and attractive design make them unique. They will have a lasting place in the home and for the first time will really put people in charge of their energy use”.

The Onzo display breaks new ground by being designed from the outset with the needs of the user in mind. Every interaction is designed to be easy, engaging and useful. Its innovative features include:
• Versatile positioning, with a reversible back that will enable it to be free-standing, attached to a refrigerator or hung from a wall;
• A clear, simple display showing the most useful, actionable information;
• Intelligent EnergyTools with eye-catching symbols;
• A soft rubber surround to make the device tactile and increase its sturdiness;
• Easily rechargeable batteries.

The Onzo sensor clips to one of the cables coming from the electricity meter. It is designed for easy installation by the user. The sensor is pioneering in many ways:
• It “harvests” its power from the cable to which it is attached, removing the need ever to replace its batteries;
• It operates on ultra low power – costing less than a penny for a years’ operation;
• It stores up to 10 years’ data;
• It provides highly accurate measurement of energy consumption.

The display is supplied with a USB cable for connection to a home computer, enabling users to access intelligent web-based services.

Both the display and the sensor can be recycled at the end of their useful lives. They come in compact packaging that will fit through the vast majority of domestic letter-boxes, so maximizing the rate of take-up and reducing the environmental impact of their distribution.

The Onzo smart energy kit is about to go into production, and will be available by mid-year.

About Onzo:

Onzo provides energy and water utilities with the tools that enable them to build more valuable relationships with their customers, dramatically enhancing their understanding of, and ability to influence, their customers’ behaviour.

Those tools include a comprehensive and engaging set of customer touchpoints (display, web, electronic media, printed report) and a data analytics platform.  They improve customer acquisition and retention; improve the return on investment of smart grid, smart metering, and demand response programmes; can fulfil regulatory requirements; and provide a platform for value-added services.

Onzo’s Professional Services team helps utilities to shape projects in these areas, integrate with existing utility initiatives and maximise the potential of Onzo’s offerings within them.

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