Projects on a final stretch

Two of the projects I’m actively supporting are coming to the end of their crowd funding campaigns.

zoe-cloud Protonet ZOE on Indiegogo is a dream come true for a smart home – a combination of IFTTT, Amazon Echo, Hue and SmartThings, but with one important difference. Protonet promises that all these features will run locally in your home, not in the cloud! So, all your data stays with you, and not with cloud overlords. And even if your Internet will go down your smart home won’t – now, how smart is that!

Zoe will work with Z-Wave based plugs, switches, outlets, sensors and locks. As well as with most popular WiFi devices, such as Philips Hue, NEST thermostats and cameras, SONOS speakers, WeMo and Netatmo devices, D-Link IP cameras. It will also integrate with ISY994 controller, so if you already have an Insteon-based system you can continue to use it.


FlipFlick The other project, FlipFlic on Kickstarter is a quick and simple way to automate your blinds. FlipFlick is solar-powered energy saving device that adjusts window blinds based on sunlight, temperature, or schedule. Installation of FlipFlic takes seconds. In one click, the small device about the size of a roll of quarters attaches to your window blinds magnetically. No tools needed!

FlipFlic can be integrated into your pre-existing smart home systems via BLE and ZigBee. FlipFlick will work with most common home automation systems including SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Wink, WigWag and others.

There’s less than a day left to support these cool projects (and get a discount from a future retail price in the process). So, head over to Indiegogo and Kickstarter and show them some love.

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Ruslan Ulanov is a software engineer by day and Smart Home hacker by night. He got fascinated by potential of home automation over a decade ago, when it was available to select few. Over the years experimented with smart products using different technologies from X10 to Insteon to ZigBee. Actively supports new smart home developments on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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