Control4 My House iPhone app gets an update

logo-app-control4Control4 has updated their free iPhone app to version 2.4. Control4 My House UI app controls lighting, HVAC, Audio and Video devices including Apple TV and iTunes, IP cameras, etc., through a familiar Control4 interface.

Added new language support including: Afrikaans, Croation, Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish.

Various defect fixes including but not limited to:

  • Control4 1.8 version changes.
  • Duplication of thermostats in certain projects.
  • Security keypad issues in certain projects.
  • Portrait to Landscape switching view issues.
  • Album artwork retrieval issues.
  • Improvements in camera movie display.
  • Display of diacritic characters in certain languages.
  • Device Driver support updates (requires getting an updated version of the Control4 project)
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