Deal alert: ISY99i is on Sale

If you (like myself) were impatiently waiting to get your hands on one of the ISY99i home automation controllers now might be a good time to get one as they are on sale at both and

What is ISY99i?

ISY99i kit w/PLM
ISY99i kit w/PLM

“The ISY-99i series is the most affordable and flexible
standalone home automation solution for any INSTEON/X10 installation.  Whether you are a DIYer, an electrician, or a home automation integrator you will enjoy the ease with which the once tedious task of programming INSTEON devices is accomplished.”

ISY99i eliminates the need to run a dedicated PC (or MAC) computer to contol events and run automation programs. It is compatible with a wide range of INSTEON and X10 devices, including:

  • All Lighting devices including RemoteLinc and ControLinc
  • INSTEON Thermostat Adapter
  • IRLinc
  • Motion Sensor
  • I/OLinc
  • Some support for EZRain and EZIOxx devices

    It also supports ELK M1-Gold home security system, which allows you to control INSTEON lights/devices from ELK keypads and touchscreens or arm/disarm your ELK system from within ISY.

    If that is not enough, you can install some optional modules that will allow you to extend its features even more. Currently available modules include:

  • Web Server: to host your own personal web site right on your ISY.
  • Climate Module:  to utilize local Weatherbug information in your ISY programs
  • Electricity Module: to monitor your home’s real-time electricity use with Brultech meter
  • Networking Module: to control any IP-enabled device, such as Panasonic web cameras, etc.

    ISY99i comes in several flavors, so you can choose one that best fits your needs and budget.

      IR Support   Max. Devices/Scenes Max. Programs MSRP
    ISY-99i No 256 300 $299.00
    ISY-99i/IR Yes 256 300 $339.00
    ISY-99i PRO No 1024 1000 $329.00
    ISY-99i/IR PRO Yes 1024 1000 $369.00


    The “IR” models could use universal infra-red remote controls to initiate a certain scene or a program (like dim the lights when you start watching a movie). All ISY models are IP-enabled and will let you access your home from any Internet connected device be it a PC or a cell-phone. iPhone and iPod touch users also have a choice to use native applications such as iLinc or ekISY.

    The controller has upgradable firmware, so you can stay up-to-date with new INSTEON features and devices as your home automation network grows over time. ISY has a lively and supportive community, so be sure to check the forums at Universal Devices website.

    ISY99i requires a power-line modem (aka PLM) to communicate with your INSTEON network, so if you don’t have one already, consider buying one of the ISY kits that come bundled with PLM, it’s way cheaper than buying $70 PLM on its own.

    Back to the good news… The ISY-99i kit with PLM currently retails for $257.81 with free shipping at (compare to $299 MSRP without the PLM) which is cheaper than buying the same kit direct from ($279).

    I got mine already, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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