Turn Your Nokia N800 or N810 Into an INSTEON Controller

If you already have (or planning to buy) ISY-99i Home Automation Controller with PLM ($339), then interfaceGO Software ($119.95) will convert your Nokia N800 or N810 touch panel remote control into a “thumb-friendly, wireless, customizable, versatile”, in other words, very sexy INSTEON Home Automation Controller.

“The interfaceGO interface allows you to create your own hierarchy of folders and controls. You create the layout and choose which buttons you want and where. Create a custom layout to match the touch panel’s location, or your own personal preference. The graphical user interface (GUI) is designed for easy control without a pen. On-screen buttons are large, easy to press, and easy to read.”

interfaceGO software currently only supports the Panasonic network cameras. The software will take a still image from the webcam, from a URL you specify, and refresh the image every 5 seconds. Other webcams that provide a still image URL may work as well.

interfaceGO software is also available for PC for a mere $49.95, so you can convert that Tablet/UMPC of yours to an even sexier INSTEON controller.

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Ruslan Ulanov is a software engineer by day and Smart Home hacker by night. He got fascinated by potential of home automation over a decade ago, when it was available to select few. Over the years experimented with smart products using different technologies from X10 to Insteon to ZigBee. Actively supports new smart home developments on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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