Light Show Master 2.0 Holiday Lighting Control Software

November 25, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

Just in time for the holidays Smarthome presents Light Show Master 2.0 Holiday Lighting Control Software ($99.99), which allows you to create animated lighting displays synced to music. Using an INSTEON PowerLinc Modem, sold separately, you can program custom lighting sequences that allow you to turn your lights on and off and also fade them up and down according to the music of your choice. You can specify an unlimited number of show “events” that can span minutes, hours, days, or even years. Here’s a link to a video (WMV) of Light Show Master in action. It’s not as impressive […]

The Ultimate List of Home Automation Software for iPhone, Part 1

November 5, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 29

Would you please raise your hand if you think that iPhone/iPod Touch is an ideal platform for remote control of any kind. Yes, I thought so too. It’s portable, fits well in your hand, has crisp and bright display, has multitude of communication methods and last but not least — it’s always by your side. And it seems that industry gets it too. Apple’s AppStore and CE trade shows are getting flooded with all kinds of software that might be used to simplify and unify control of all your home systems including lighting, media, temperature control, security, video surveillance, etc. […]

First impressions: SmartLinc

August 29, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 15

I have finally received my SmartLinc package yesterday. Yeay! Here’s my first thoughts. The installation process is pretty straight forward. Connect one end of Ethernet cable to SmartLinc, another to your router. Plug SmartLinc to available power outlet and you are ready to go. Or almost ready… Depends on your router’s configuration. In my case I have MAC filtering option enabled, so only devices whose MAC addresses are entered into router’s configuration are allowed to connect to my network. So, naturally, SmartLinc couldn’t get an IP from the router. It’s very easy to add a new MAC address to the router. […]

NetLinc becomes smarter?

August 14, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

The Smarthome team has sent its customers the following email. Dear Loyal INSTEON® Customer, You are receiving this message because you have: Placed a NetLinc Pre-Order Added NetLinc to your Wish List or, Added NetLinc to email notification using “Notify Me” To avoid any confusion when you receive your shipment or notification, we would like to inform you that NetLinc has been renamed from: NetLinc – INSTEON Central Controller To SmartLinc – INSTEON Central Controller Please be aware that this is only a name change and that part number (2412N) and product functionality remain the same. Sincerely, The Smarthome Team What […]

7 iPhone Applications for Home Automation and Control

July 25, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

SpeakerCraft, Crestron, Savant among companies with iPhone support. Remember the iPod invasion? Now that it’s faster and runs applications, welcome to the iPhone invasion. Apple’s iPhone, originally launched in 2007 with a second-gen model released in July, will increasingly be integrated into your clients’ home control and automation systems, thanks to its feature-set and wireless capabilities. Many companies offered iPhone interfaces for applications (basically Web sites that the phone could log on to and interact with), but with the launch of the Application Store, the iPhone has turned into a wireless platform host to a number of control options. While […]

SmartLabs NetLinc Enables iPhone Control of Insteon Devices

July 16, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

As the iPhone grows in popularity, so too does the amount of home control manufacturers offering iPhone interfaces for home control systems. The latest application is a plug-in Web server from SmartLabs called the NetLinc Insteon Central Controller. NetLinc turns the iPhone, iPod touch, PC or any Web-enabled device into a wireless remote for Insteon-compatible lighting, HVAC, appliances and security systems.

Affordable, Web-Enabled Automation from HomeSeer

July 15, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

Second generation of HomeSeer’s home controller HomeTroller 2 supports Z-Wave, Insteon and X10 out of the box, and offers about 20 optional drivers, plug-ins and applications. Retails now for $895. Key Features of HomeTroller 2 Built-in web server for remote access anywhere. Easy-to-use web interface allows easy access and control with any web browser. Supports the widest variety of user interfaces, including in-wall button controllers, touchscreens, wireless remotes, PDAs, PocketPCs, cellphones and voice (microphones). Compatible with a wide variety of technologies and companies including Lutron, Leviton, Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon and many others. Designed for voice control by microphone and telephone. Creates alerts, […]

Hello world!

March 10, 2007 Ruslan Ulanov 0

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