New product: USB2 Insteon USB Controller

May 3, 2010 Ruslan Ulanov 1

Smarthome’s product portfolio is so extensive that it’s easy to overlook a nice new product when it comes around. Therefore I would like to share with you this simple but nevertheless interesting new product I’ve recently discovered. It’s called USB2 Insteon USB Controller by Minotaur Engineering (who are these guys anyway?) You wonder what this new device could do for you? Let’s see what the user’s manual has to say… The INSTEON USB Controller provides a way to automatically send Insteon “On” and “Off” signals to other enabled devices whenever a computer is turned on or hard re-booted. It contains […]

Innovative light switches from Basalte

December 22, 2009 Ruslan Ulanov 0

Being a home automation enthusiast I’ve seen a lot of different light switches, keypads and even LCD touch screens. And to tell you the truth majority of them are either pretty boring or too complex. And then there are light switches from Belguim-based Basalte, that has a very sleek website, but also some pretty innovative switches, that were rightfully awarded with numerous prestigious design awards such as Red Dot and iF product design.

Onzo unveils appearance of unique energy management tool

December 21, 2009 Ruslan Ulanov 2

Onzo, the global designer of domestic energy management systems, today reveals the images of the hardware components of its smart energy kit; the display and sensor. These will provide consumers with an unprecedentedly wide range of compelling information to help them understand and manage their energy use. The sensor measures and stores data on household energy use, and securely transmits this wirelessly to the in-home display. Commenting on the release of the images, Joel Hagan, Chief Executive of Onzo said: “We are delighted we can now share the appearance of our first products. Their combination of usefulness, ease of installation […]

Smarthome Introduces New ApplianceLinc INSTEON Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module

November 23, 2009 Ruslan Ulanov 0

Smarthome™ Introduces New ApplianceLinc™ INSTEON® Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module Irvine, CA – November 23, 2009 – Smarthome announces the release of the new ApplianceLinc INSTEON Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Appliance Module. The new INSTEON product not only allows for remote On/Off control of lights and appliances, it has also been tested and rated for outdoor use, offering protection against precipitation and extreme temperatures. “This product is expected to arrive just in time for the holidays,” commented Laurie Maroni, Vice President of Marketing at Smarthome. “INSTEON users can now remotely control outdoor holiday lights, landscape lighting, fountain pumps and other high-wattage […]

Deal alert: ISY99i is on Sale

October 21, 2009 Ruslan Ulanov 1

If you (like myself) were impatiently waiting to get your hands on one of the ISY99i home automation controllers now might be a good time to get one as they are on sale at both and What is ISY99i? “The ISY-99i series is the most affordable and flexible standalone home automation solution for any INSTEON/X10 installation.  Whether you are a DIYer, an electrician, or a home automation integrator you will enjoy the ease with which the once tedious task of programming INSTEON devices is accomplished.” ISY99i eliminates the need to run a dedicated PC (or MAC) computer to contol events and […]

DIY Project: Automating porch lights

April 7, 2009 Ruslan Ulanov 7

Most of us, homeowners, are accustomed to a routine of turning the outdoor lights on for the night and turning them back off in the morning. Now remember how many times did you forget to turn those lights off in the morning while rushing off to work? Not so green, huh? How could we fix it? Here are two easy DIY solutions for you…

Going green

March 10, 2009 Ruslan Ulanov 3

Just a couple of weeks ago I have enrolled in a SmartAC program offered by my local utility company – PG&E. What this program is about? It’s about saving energy. This Saturday morning I had a couple of PG&E guys at my place retrofitting my old (but still pretty decent) 4-wire Lux TX1500E thermostat to a new, 5-wire, Honeywell UtilityPRO.

NetLinc becomes smarter?

August 14, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

The Smarthome team has sent its customers the following email. Dear Loyal INSTEON® Customer, You are receiving this message because you have: Placed a NetLinc Pre-Order Added NetLinc to your Wish List or, Added NetLinc to email notification using “Notify Me” To avoid any confusion when you receive your shipment or notification, we would like to inform you that NetLinc has been renamed from: NetLinc – INSTEON Central Controller To SmartLinc – INSTEON Central Controller Please be aware that this is only a name change and that part number (2412N) and product functionality remain the same. Sincerely, The Smarthome Team What […]

SmartLabs NetLinc Enables iPhone Control of Insteon Devices

July 16, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

As the iPhone grows in popularity, so too does the amount of home control manufacturers offering iPhone interfaces for home control systems. The latest application is a plug-in Web server from SmartLabs called the NetLinc Insteon Central Controller. NetLinc turns the iPhone, iPod touch, PC or any Web-enabled device into a wireless remote for Insteon-compatible lighting, HVAC, appliances and security systems.

Affordable, Web-Enabled Automation from HomeSeer

July 15, 2008 Ruslan Ulanov 1

Second generation of HomeSeer’s home controller HomeTroller 2 supports Z-Wave, Insteon and X10 out of the box, and offers about 20 optional drivers, plug-ins and applications. Retails now for $895. Key Features of HomeTroller 2 Built-in web server for remote access anywhere. Easy-to-use web interface allows easy access and control with any web browser. Supports the widest variety of user interfaces, including in-wall button controllers, touchscreens, wireless remotes, PDAs, PocketPCs, cellphones and voice (microphones). Compatible with a wide variety of technologies and companies including Lutron, Leviton, Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon and many others. Designed for voice control by microphone and telephone. Creates alerts, […]

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