Belkin announces WeMo Home Automation System

January 12, 2012 Ruslan Ulanov 0

(Playa Vista, CA) -January 9, 2012 – Belkin today launched WeMo, a line of simple, modular home automation products that allows household electronics to be controlled from anywhere using a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. Consisting of two initial products, the WeMo Home Control Switch and the WeMo Motion Sensor, WeMo is a customizable, accessible home automation solution designed to simplify home maintenance and bring peace of mind to busy families and individuals on the go. WeMo works with a home’s existing electrical system and requires only a Wi-Fi® network and free smartphone app to set up and control. […]

Smarthome Introduces World’s First Remote Controllable Dimmable Receptacle

June 28, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

Please welcome a new member of Smarthome’s dual-band INSTEON product family – OutletLinc Dimmer! This is a first of its kind dimmable wall outlet, that can be controlled from a remote control, keypad or even a mobile phone. It features advanced options like an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on, a preset dim level that stores your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels when turning the lamp on initially, as well as load sense, so you can still use the lamp’s built-in switch to turn the light on and off. OutletLinc Dimmer will be a welcome addition for families with small […]

Archos 35 = Android for your kitchen counter

June 27, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

Archos, the French company recognized globally as one of the primary players in the touch tablet market adds two new devices to its Android portfolio – ARCHOS 35 Home Connect and ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone. The Smart Home Phone is an Android DECT (land-line) phone. It brings Smartphone functionality into your home and gives you access to thousands of applications such as weather, news, games and traffic. The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect is the perfect music box and the best  portable Android device for streaming radio and music anywhere at home such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or kids room. But with the right set […]

MobiLinc Pro for iOS receives a major update

June 23, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

MobiLinc Pro Insteon and X10 Controller was updated to a new major version 3.00. MobiLinc is the leading software for INSTEON on iOS (and recently Android) devices. It supports the following Insteon Controllers: ISY-99i or 26 from Universal Devices, SmartLinc 2412N Firmware Version 3.0, PowerLinc 2414 USB or Serial. Here’s what’s new in this major release…

The Future of Home Automation

May 19, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

So, you want to know the future of Home Automation? No problem! Future telling is expensive business, you know, but if you have between 3 and 10 thousand dollars to spare, then ReportLinker has a treat for you. They recently released a comprehensive report on the state (and the future, of course) of home automation industry. This report examines how consumers and governments are creating a booming market for “smart home” devices. It analyzes the companies, technologies, and products behind automation in energy, entertainment, home security and health care. It details pilot projects, product costs, industry trends, business alliances, and the […]

Android@Home – what we know so far

May 12, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

Google has dropped the bomb at this week’s Goggle IO conference, claiming to bring Android platform in the near future to any device in your home – from light fixtures to tumble driers, to stereo systems. The technical details, though, are scarce at the moment. Here’s what we know about Android@Home initiative so far… Android@Home will use a new low power, wireless (900Mhz), mesh protocol, similar to ZigBee. But unlike ZigBee it will be capable to carry audio and low-res video streams. “If an OEM were to do that it would most likely today be a proprietary solution,” claimed Android head Andy Rubin. “By […]

Earth Day is around the corner

April 21, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. /Wikipedia/ Now, isn’t it nice to receive an e-mail like that on the eve of the Earth’s Day! It sure feels good, and it’s also good for your wallet. So do your part, participate in your utility’s Eco programs, reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. Check for local events and to make a pledge. And of course, don’t forget to install occupancy sensing and dimmers in your home automation systems.

Smarthome Releases Spring Online Catalog

April 20, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Irvine, CA, United States, 04/19/2011 – The latest edition of the Smarthome catalog is now available. The Spring edition of the highly-regarded catalog reached homes this week, and is now also available at Check your mailbox – the latest edition of the Smarthome catalog is now available. The Spring edition of the highly-regarded catalog reached homes this week, and is now also available online. The new online catalog gives users the look and feel of the print piece with the ability to immediately click and purchase products. “Our catalogs have certainly come a long way,” stated Laurie […]

The future looks bright for CustomCTRL

April 17, 2011 Ruslan Ulanov 0

It’s Mostly Cloudy in Washington, DC today, but the forecast for Daniel Kleinman, the Washington, DC native, today got much brighter, as his project CustomCTRL hit the headlines of Washington Post‘s Business section. Danny Kleinman does not fit the stereotypical persona of a hacker. He appears to shower often. He does not live in his basement. He has a girlfriend. Governments are not, to his knowledge, looking for him. writes in his article Michael S. Rosenwald. He further goes to look into the “makers” movement in US and around the World which seems to be gaining momentum in the resent years with […]

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